Engineer jobs for automobiles, electricity, machinery, etc.


About your work

Job content

Various development work (design, prototyping, examination, experimentation, analysis, inspection, etc.) in the development area of automobiles, aircraft, home appliances, AV equipment, optical equipment, and industrial machinery
◎ Thinking about plans and systems to make a lot of products [Production technology]
◎ Thinking about what kind of product to make [design and development]
◎ Use a prototype under development to check if it works properly [experiment/evaluation], etc.

Application Requirements


Engineer jobs for automobiles, electricity, machinery, etc.


Monthly salary 200,000 yen to 400,000 yen
<Planned Annual Income>
Annual income 2.4 million to 5.8 million yen★Monthly salary of 180,000 yen (flat rate) during the training period


Trial period available (3 months)
Employment conditions are the same as at the time of regular employment


  • With pay raise
  • With social insurance
  • With bonus
  • Overtime pay
  • late night allowance

Transportation expenses

Regulation payment

Work location

Project destinations in the Kyushu, Kanto, Tokai, Kansai, Chugoku, and Tohoku areas

Qualification requirements

◆ People aged 20 to 35 (for career development through long-term employment)
◆ Desired experience
・ High school graduate or above
・Those who have basic communication skills
・ Those who are interested in manufacturing and mechanical products (automobiles, home appliances, etc.)
· Those who are comfortable with work using a PC
[Welcome conditions]
・People who have customer service experience such as sales and sales
・ Those who have work experience in the manufacturing industry
・Science graduates

Working hours

8:30-17:30 (regular working hours 8 hours, break 60 minutes)

*Varies by workplace

Work day

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Holiday vacation

Paid holidays
Summer vacation
Winter vacation
Nursing care leave
Parental leave
Maternity leave
It depends on where you work.

About application

Flow after application

Document review ⇒ Interview ⇒ Proposal to introduced company ⇒ Interview with introduced company (1-2 times)

Planned number of hires

200 people