Hotel Front Desk Staff


About your work

Job content

General front desk work
・ Customer service in the lobby (management and transportation of luggage, various inquiries, sightseeing / surrounding information, etc.)
・ Guidance and guidance in guest rooms and facilities
・Front desk operations (check-in/check-out, accommodation reservations, etc.)
・Email correspondence
・Telephone correspondence
・Various inputs
・Disinfection cleaning
・Responding to various inquiries

Job characteristics

Shift system
Experienced and qualified people welcome

Application Requirements


Hotel front desk staff


Hourly wage 1,400 yen – 1,700 yen
Consider experience and skills


No trial/training period


  • With pay raise
  • With social insurance
  • Transportation expenses paid in full
  • Employee cafeteria available
  • Uniform rental (some items are prepared by yourself)
  • With health checkup
  • Paid vacation available
  • There is a pay raise system

Transportation expenses

Full payment (monthly payment upper limit 30,000 yen)

Work location

23 wards of Tokyo

Qualification requirements

・Those who have experience in the hospitality industry
・Full-time work
・Foreign language skills (English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Burmese, Nepali, etc.)
・Those who have good communication skills
・ Those who have good manners and consideration
・Cooperative person who can work in a team

Working hours

Shift system (overtime available)
◆ Work shift example
Early shift: 7:00-16:00
Late shift: 13:00-22:00
Night shift: 22:00 – 7:00 the next day
Break: 1 hour

Holiday vacation

Shift system
Paid holidays

2 or more days off per week (9 days off per month / 108 or more days per year)