Semiconductor Engineer


About your work

Job content

Startup, maintenance and modification of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and FPD equipment

【in particular】
◆ Startup, maintenance, and modification of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, FPD equipment, and device manufacturing equipment
◆ Process modification of front-end equipment in device development
◆ Compatible equipment: Heat treatment equipment, CVD equipment, etching equipment, CMP equipment, FPD equipment

[Project example]
◎Kanto/Tokai area
Production engineering work for automobile precision parts manufacturing
Process design for semiconductor manufacturing lines
◎ Kyushu area
Development work at a device manufacturer
Quality control of motorcycle and auto parts
Progress management and quality control of production lines for air conditioners and industrial motors
Automobile production engineering work
Prototype creation and debugging of solar cell modules

Job characteristics

Inexperienced / Beginners OK Experienced / Qualified Persons Welcome

Application Requirements


Semiconductor Engineer


Monthly salary 200,000 yen to 550,000 yen
[Annual income example]
7.8 million yen / Monthly salary 520,000 yen + bonus / 51 years old
6,450,000 yen / Monthly salary 400,000 yen + bonus / 35 years old
4.5 million yen / monthly salary of 300,000 yen + bonus / 27 years old


Trial period available (3 months)
Employment conditions are the same as at the time of regular employment


  • With pay raise
  • With social insurance
  • With bonus
  • With a qualification support system
  • Overtime pay
  • late night allowance

Transportation expenses

Regulation payment (monthly payment upper limit 50,000 yen)

Work location

Project destinations in the Kyushu, Kanto, Tokai, Kansai, Chugoku, and Tohoku areas

Qualification requirements

◆Those in their early 20s to mid-40s
◆ High school graduate or above
◆ Required conditions
・People who have experience in some kind of production process
【in particular】
◇ Those who have the above work experience
◇ Those who have experience in training young people
◇ Those who have experience working in a clean room
◇ Those who want to shift their skills from mechanical design

Working hours

9:00 to 18:00 (actual work 8 hours)

*According to the conditions of the place of employment

Work day

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Holiday vacation

Paid holidays
Summer vacation
Winter vacation
Nursing care leave
Parental leave
Maternity leave

About application

Flow after application

Document review ⇒ Interview ⇒ Proposal to introducing company ⇒ First interview ⇒ Second interview ⇒ Decision

Planned number of hires

30 people