System Development Engineer


About your work

Job content

System development at the trading client.
・Transition development of next-generation card payment system (from PHP to Java)
⇒Java, MySQL, Linux/Basic/Detailed Design-Implementation-Testing
・Gourmet word-of-mouth website development
⇒Ruby, JavaScript, MySQL, Linux/Detailed design to operation
・Curation media development
⇒Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Linux, MacOS/Detailed design-implementation-test-operation
・Development of apps for iOS and Android
⇒Objective-C, Java, Oracle, iOS, Android/Detailed design-implementation-testing
・iOS drone operation application development
⇒Objective-C, Swift, MySQL, iOS/Detailed design-implementation-testing
・WEB system development
⇒PHP, JavaScript, Mac, docker, git/Detailed design-implementation-evaluation

Job characteristics

Experienced and qualified people welcome

Application Requirements


System development engineer


Monthly salary 230,000 yen to 500,000 yen


Trial period available (3 months)
Employment conditions are the same as at the time of regular employment


  • With pay raise
  • With social insurance
  • With bonus
  • With a qualification support system
  • Overtime pay
  • late night allowance

Transportation expenses

Regulation payment

Work location

Project destinations in the 23 wards of Tokyo, Yokohama, and Chiba

Qualification requirements

◆ 25 to 50 years old
◆ High school graduate or above
◆ Required conditions
・Those who have at least 1.5 years of development experience in the following languages
<language of experience>
・More than 1.5 years of experience in Java, PHP, Python, programming language + each framework
・Framework: Java (Spring, Struts, etc.), PHP (Laravel, CakePHP, etc.), Python (Django, Flask, etc.), etc.
◆Welcome conditions
Experience with swift, Kotlin, etc. is also welcome.

Working hours

9:00-18:00 (actual work 8 hours)
*According to the conditions of the place of employment

Work day

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Holiday vacation

Paid holidays
Summer vacation
Winter vacation
Nursing care leave
Parental leave
Maternity leave
It depends on where you work.

About application

Flow after application

Document review ⇒ First interview ⇒ Second interview (both 1-day interviews are possible) ⇒ Unofficial offer

Planned number of hires

30 people